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You can call us at (703) 558-6040 and if we are on the other line the please leave a message during office hours or call us back.                                                                      YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL US:

Phone: (703) 558-6040
Fax: (703) 558-6042

Phone Hours:
Monday – 9:00am to 4:00pm.
Tuesday – 9:00am to 4:00pm.
Wednesday – 9:00 to 12:00pm (admin day)  -CLOSED                                                       Thursday – 9:00am to 4:00pm.
Friday – 9:00am to 12:00pm.                                                                                             **After hours, please call your primary care physician or go to the nearest urgent care or ER for assistance.**

We are currently accepting PPO, POS and Open Access forms of Aetna, Cigna, Carefirst, FEDERAL and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield). We no longer accept new patients with HMO forms of these insurance plans, except for Aetna (patient must have their primary care physician send an electronic referral to the insurance otherwise the patient will not get coverage for the visit).  Please be sure to obtain the necessary referral forms if required by your insurance.  It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain the required referrals. If the insurance rejects a claim due to a lack of proper referral, the patient will be responsible for the entire bill.   All NEW patients should obtain in writing from their primary care physician a note requesting a consultation for allergy, asthma or immunology evaluations (can be faxed to our office on letterhead or prescription pad) in order to have a consult letter sent back to their physician. After scheduling your appointment, please review our new patient information page (under the tab”Forms & Information”) then download & complete your new patient questionnaire and registration forms. Be sure to bring these and all other important information (previous allergy testing, labs) with you on the day of your appointment. Also, recommend bringing in your medications and your spacer if you have one to review proper technique. Please bring any RAST lab test results if you have food allergies.

If we do NOT participate in your insurance plan and you have a PPO plan or out of network policy, you can be seen by the physician out of network.  This means payment is due at the time of the visit.  We will assist you in submitting your claim to your insurance plan, by providing you with the proper information for you to submit to your insurance.  Please check with your insurance plan regarding medical claim forms.

If you do not have insurance or an out of network plan, financial payment arrangements are also available.

We do NOT participate with Medicare or Medicaid.  If this is your primary insurance even if you have a different secondary insurance, it will NOT be covered by your insurance plans and you will be responsible for the bill. Please contact your insurance provider for a list of participating board-certified allergists. Locally we also recommend Allergy Asthma Associates in McLean (Drs. Courtney Blair, Sharon Seth, Karen Robbins and PA-Bridget Schaeffer)

On the day of your appointment, please bring your completed questionnaire, completed registration form, relevant labs (Immunocap RAST) and radiographic results (Sinus CT Scans), information, a federally issued photo ID, insurance card for the patient, as well as cash or Credit card to pay for your co-pay.

Due to the restricted size of our waiting room, we ask that only the patient or if the patient is a child then the patient and parent come to the appointment. Please make arrangements for your other children, friends, and relatives.

If one parent could not be present for the appointment and would like to phone in during the visit, please have the other parent bring a cell phone to conference the other parent during the visit.  We do not re-narrate the visit to the other parent after the visit.  If a parent would like to make an appointment to discuss the child’s medical management without the child present, an appointment can be scheduled and co-pays are expected, as it is considered a visit.

Divorce is between the two parents.  Whether it is in regards to medical care, medical information or billing, the parents are responsible for sharing the child’s medical information with each other and medical bills.  Typically the parent making the appointment or bringing the child in for the visit is ultimately responsible for all medical bills unless otherwise arranged in advance with our office by both parents. ex. one parent can not bring in a child then not pay the bill stating the court has made the other parent responsible. The parent who brings the child in will be ultimately responsible for the medical bill.

If improper information was provided, such as inactive insurance information, then the patient will be responsible for the full amount of the bill. Please be sure to update our office with any change in your insurance. Please bring your most updated insurance card with you to each visit.  Once a year or with changes in our policy, patients will need to complete or update registration and/or policy forms.  Please be sure to inform the office of any change in address.

** If you are using an insurance plan, a Credit card or FSA or HSA card will be required to be placed on file (once your insurance company processes the claim, if there is a balance, you will receive an email 2 days prior to your credit card being charged) or a deposit of $200, the balance of which will be refunded after insurance claim has been processed and a credit remains.

Returned checks will be charged a $40 fee as well as the loss of privilege to write checks for their outstanding balance in this practice.  Checks written with knowledge of insufficient funds is a crime and can be reported to the proper authorities.

Payment plans are available.  Credit card information will be required to be on a payment plan.   Please ask our biller for assistance to make these arrangements if you have an outstanding balance of greater than $200.Schedule your appointment on-line: