Sublingual Immunotherapy

Traditional immunotherapy has proven to be very effective in long term treatment for environmental allergies such as tree, grass weed pollens as well as for animal dander, dustmite and molds.  In Europe sublingual immunotherapy has been used and proven to work as well.  Traditional immunotherapy is more potent than sublingual immunotherapy and may work better for those with strong allergies and multiple allergies, however for those who are only allergic to GRASS or only allergic to RAGWEED but are not candidates for immunotherapy injections  due to a heart condition, being on beta blockers, fear of needles, busy work schedules, etc then this may be an option.

You need to have had allergy testing/evaluation with us within the past 12 months, first dose is taken in our office, monitored for 30 minutes,  and  then at home.  Recommended as a daily or seasonal pill for 3 years. You must carry an Epipen while on this treatment.

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