Regular Shot Hours

Due to COVID-19 and practicing an abundance of caution to keep you SAFE     – Friday-limited shot hours for AIT and biologic injections in the office until further notice, we will continue to reassess the situation. Those who were due for an injection will have their dosing schedule-adjusted when we resume. All visit appointments will be offered as a virtual appt to both New and established patients. Our office will be working remotely to provide you with continued care.
If you have any questions please call us at 703-558-6040 or email us at Follow up on FACEBOOK for the latest updates.
Stay healthy and please stay at home and social distance (6 ft apart if you have to go out)) to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

NO Regular Shot Hours:

Non-COVID 19 hours
Monday: 1-4:00pm
Tuesday: 9-11:30am & 1- 4:30pm
Thursday: 9-11:30am & 1-4:30pm                                                                            Friday: 7:30-9am 

Please follow us on Facebook for up to date changes and information.

Please call and let us know you are coming on Monday afternoon 1-4pm or on Friday mornings 7:30am-9: 00 am. Knowing that you are arriving then allows the nurses to prepare your serum and can shorten your wait time. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your shot time to complete your forms. Please note any changes to the shot hours & office closings via our website.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be notified of changes.

If your workplace has a physician on-site then arrangements can be made to have your shots there. 

If our shot hours do not work with your schedule, please ask our front desk staff for the names of allergists where you can receive your injections. Some primary care offices will administer them as well as some urgent care centers.  Requires a visit with the allergist and if approved may receive your allergy injections only there. Consent forms are required for your safety before this can happen to make sure the office follows our guidelines. Your allergy care will still be with our office and we will continue to prescribe and prepare your allergen immunotherapy vaccine.

If you’re having a medical emergency, call 911. If you are having an urgent medical matter, please contact your primary care physician’s office or go to the nearest Emergency room or Urgent Care Clinic for medical attention.

Recommend scheduling a regularly set shot appt time, so your shot is prepared and ready. This will reduce your wait time prior to receiving your shot. Last morning shot is at 11:30am.

Please remember to bring your EPIPEN or Auvi Q . Inform the nurse or physician, if you are pregnant, have started a beta blocker blood pressure medication or have been experiencing any respiratory problems (such as cough, wheezing or shortness of breath). We do NOT recommend scheduling your allergy shot on the same day as your immunization (i.e. Flu shot). We recommend you wait for 48 hrs between them.

CLUSTER IMMUNOTHERAPY: is available for patients who are building up to maintenance for the first time. During the build up vial doses 1:10,000 thru 1: 100, you may schedule to come in at 9am or 1pm and receive 2-3 doses at one time. A dose is injected every hour, vitals are taken and patients are monitored closely for your safety.