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Consultation for Allergy and Asthma – Working together with your primary care provider to provide you with excellent allergy care.

Evaluation and management – of food allergies, atopic dermatitis (eczema), allergic rhinitis (hay fever), indoor and seasonal allergies, urticaria/hives, drug allergy, allergic conjunctivitis/ocular allergy (itchy red watery eyes), venom allergy (bees, wasps, hornets) and asthma.

In office testing may include – NO NEEDLES-allergy skin testing, challenges, and/or spirometry depending on your history. Although skin testing is well tolerated by children, we recommend that you leave other children at home as the child being tested will require your full assistance.

Laboratory testing – may include: Immunocap-RAST (specific- IgE), Immunologic work-ups, etc

Services – Immunotherapy, desensitization, food challenges, medication administration, education, and management.

Patient education – on their diagnosis and when appropriate reviewed and provided an Emergency Food Allergy Action Plans, Environmental Allergy Action Plans, Asthma Action Plans, and Eczema Skincare Instructions.

Demonstrations – of how to use an epinephrine auto-injectors, nasal sprays, peak flow meters, spacer/holding chambers with MDI as well as nebulizers.

School forms – for allergy/asthma medications and Emergency Food Action Plan: Please drop off or mail with a self addressed stamped envelope. Please allow 2-3 weeks to be completed. All forms need to be filled out with complete patient information by parents except for section for medical provider, otherwise will not be accepted.  * NO FEE FOR THE FIRST FORM. ANY ADDITIONAL FORMS WILL BE AT $10 PER FORM, PLEASE INCLUDE CHECKS FOR THE PROPER AMOUNT WITH YOUR FORM REQUEST.

FLU VACCINE TESTING FOR EGG ALLERGY PATIENTS: IF YOUR CHILD HAS A SEVERE EGG ALLERGY AND CANNOT TOLERATE EGGS IN BAKED GOODS. Like all allergy skin tests, please stay off antihistamines for 5 days prior to the Flu vaccine testing appt.

Please call to make reservations in June-July for our patients who have been diagnosed to be allergic to eggs and need testing for the influenza vaccine. You must be an established patient and have been evaluated within the past 12 months for a current accurate egg allergy status. Please call our office and reserve a vaccine for administration. Be sure to indicate your child’s age as well as whether or not this is their first time ever receiving the flu vaccine as 2 doses would need to be reserved. $30 will be charged to your credit card per dose reserved if you cancel or no show to your appointment as we are holding the vaccine dose for your child specifically. Appts are dedicated to Friday mornings only from 9:00am until 10:300am beginning September-December. *****Reminder to stay off any antihistamines for 1 week prior to your child’s appt as we will be performing allergy skin testing to the influenza vaccine. ***THIS SERVICE IS FOR PATIENTS WITH SEVERE EGG ALLERGY WHO ARE NOT ABLE TO TOLERATE EGGS IN BAKED GOODS *****

School Forms – Please give us 2 weeks in order to complete them. Include all of your child’s information as well as a self addressed stamped envelope, fax number to the school and we can directly fax them for you, otherwise we will call you when it is ready for pick up. The first set of school forms per year are complimentary however if this is your 2nd set of forms within the past 12 months then there is a $10 fee. Please include a check for $10 with your child’s school forms.

Labs – if you would like to have Immunocap tests performed 2 weeks prior to your follow up appt and this has been agreed upon by the physician, then please send a self addressed stamped envelope with this request or a fax number to which we can fax the order for you.

Medical records – as a courtesy, we will fax lab and test results to another physician’s office however a copy of the medical records that are mailed to medical office or self will be $30 plus $1 per additional page after 10 pages. To pick up a copy of your medical records or to have a copy of your medical records faxed to yourself is $20 plus $1 per additional page after 10 pages.