Changes in August Shot Hours

CHANGES IN SHOT HOURS:  [On Tuesdays, shot hours will end at 4:30pm, please arrive by 4:25pm. There will no longer be shots til 4:55pm.]

FridayAugust 3rd from 8:30-10am only, Tuesday, August 7th and Thursday, August 9th: no morning shot hours, afternoon shot hours from 1:00-4:30 pm onlyFridayAugust, 10th from 8:30-10am only.

Tuesday, August 21st, shots end at 4:00pm

Thursday, August 30th: no morning shot hours, afternoon shot hours from 1-4pm only.   FridayAugust 31st8:30-10am only

Allergen Immunotherapy Safety and Efficacy

Be aware that allergy shots should always be administered in a medical setting where a physician is available to intervene and treat in case of a severe allergic reaction.  This should never be done at home. Doing allergy injections at home is not safe and likely not very effective vaccine (very dilute, like water) and will not likely result in long-term relief when you finish your 4-5 year treatment regimen.

We as board certified fellowship trained allergist are injecting you with a vaccine formulated just for your allergies, that is full of strong concentrations of what you are allergic to in order to teach your immune system to learn to react less strongly to them. We want your immune system to learn not to react so vigorously to allergens and retain that knowledge. This is why many of you get local reactions with redness, itching and swelling.

Be safe. Be smart. Be your own advocate for better health.

Peanut OIT Aimmune had late breaking news!

At the recent AAAAI allergy national and international meeting in Orlando had many highlights including the late breaking news that AIMMUNE the company researching and producing the peanut oral immunotherapy showed that 67% of the patients being treated were able to tolerate 600mg (about 2 peanuts) without severe reaction! Hoping this treatment will be FDA approved by 2019 and on the market by 2019-2020! Finally an FDA safe and effective treatment for peanut allergic patients may be just around the corner.

Spring allergy treatment: Grastek and Oralair

Spring is around the corner and if you’re allergic to grass pollen but can’t come in regularly enough to do allergy immunotherapy injections then consider sublingual tablets! These are foam like tablets that dissolve under your tongue that you can do at HOME!

These concentrated grass proteins teach your body to react less to exposure to grass pollen in the spring. Allergen immunotherapy as an injection or sublingual tablet are both more holistic and natural way to treat allergies compared to medications and more effective!

Call 703-558-6040 to make an appointment

Odactra-Dustmite allergy treatment is available!

For patients with dust mite allergy who are looking to lessen their dust mite allergy symptoms without medication should consider Odactra, a sublingual tablet of concentrated dustmite protein to help teach your body’s immune system to tolerate dust mites. The first dose is taken in the office and then at home! It’s covered by insurance plans. See if you are a candidate, call to make an appointment (703) 558-6040.

Prevent peanut allergy

For infants at high risk, meaning they have eczema, food allergy, sibling with food allergy (especially peanut) or parents with allergies, the LEAP study showed that early introduction of peanut prevented a peanut allergy in most infants.

We offer an evaluation for these high-risk patients and if negative, then we can start patients safely on this preventative therapy and if borderline peanut reaction on allergy skin test, can offer a peanut challenge in the office.

Proper evaluation, dosing and frequency is important to make this therapy successful.

Limitation of testing

A positive allergy test alone does not determine a patient’s allergy status.  The size of skin test and/or level of specific IgE, the patient’s age, specific food and history all go into allowing a board-certified allergist to use their training to determine if a patient has a food allergy.  If needed, an oral challenge may be also utilized to help determine if a patient is truly allergic to a food an not unnecessarily avoiding a food. If your doctor does not offer an oral challenge as a possible option to determine your allergy status then they should not be testing you for allergies. Be educated, a fellowship trained board-certified allergist will be able to provide you the best possible allergy care.

Epiceram -L

Winter is around the corner, Epiceram-L works great to help heal those dry cracked lips.

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