Allergen Immunotherapy Safety and Efficacy

Be aware that allergy shots should always be administered in a medical setting where a physician is available to intervene and treat in case of a severe allergic reaction.  This should never be done at home. Doing allergy injections at home is not safe and likely not very effective vaccine (very dilute, like water) and will not likely result in long-term relief when you finish your 4-5 year treatment regimen.

We as board certified fellowship trained allergist are injecting you with a vaccine formulated just for your allergies, that is full of strong concentrations of what you are allergic to in order to teach your immune system to learn to react less strongly to them. We want your immune system to learn not to react so vigorously to allergens and retain that knowledge. This is why many of you get local reactions with redness, itching and swelling.

Be safe. Be smart. Be your own advocate for better health.